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Kg CO2e reduced through mitigation and sequestration

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10 million+

people have been positively impacted through different Barefoot Initiatives.

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Countries reached
around the world


Last-mile villages


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The Barefoot College is a 50-year-old community-based grassroots organization founded by  Sanjit “Bunker” Roy, aiming to make the most marginalized communities sustainable and self-sufficient. We believe in the Gandhian philosophy that knowledge, skills, and wisdom found in the villages should be used for their own development.

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Barefoot College has developed solutions in seven streams of work in the last five decades.

Barefoot Water

The Water Section has harvested over 70 billion litres of rainwater through the creation of rainwater storage tanks, ponds, and small dams supplying safe and potable drinking water.

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Making a Difference: Life Stories

Read the latest stories, programs, and news from across the organisation.


The story of Jannat Bano, Solar Mama from Rajasthan

When Jannat Bano returned fully trained from Tilonia, her speed and efficiency astonished the villagers as she installed the solar system and switched on the lights. Eyes lit up with delight at the end to darkness!!


Cleaner villages for a better life

Nandganesh, a resident of Gundli village, reports that in recent years there has been a surge in plastic waste in the villages. Now, however, the villagers have found a solution in a new system – segregating wet and dry waste within their households. Nandganesh is in favour of making a voluntary monetary contribution to the system's running costs and is positive that other village residents will feel the same.


Amri, Prime Minister of the Children's Parliament

Amri, Prime Minister (2019-20) spoke up against child marriage in a national forum organized to mark the 30th anniversary of the United Nations 

Convention on the Rights of Children. Amri also visited the Rajya Sabha (Upper House of Parliament) in New Delhi and shared her story with the parliamentarians.
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200+ Partners
And Growing

Behind every successful programme and initiative stand our marvelous partners. Their belief in SWRC/Barefoot College gives us strength, and their support keeps our work alive. We are proud of Barefoot’s association with them all.

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"I was inspired by the simple, appropriate solutions Barefoot College was deploying in order to support rural communities, based on the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi"

Charles III, King of United Kingdom

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Help Our Cause

Nearly every day there are new disasters and emergencies, while the old problems are still with us.

We want to help with both. We NEVER take your support for granted and are thankful for whatever you can give.

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With Us

To volunteer with Barefoot College is to become one in a global family now numbering thousands. People of all ages come from all over the world, bringing enthusiasm and all kinds of skills, and are welcomed with open arms. Spend as little or as much time as you like with us, but come. Come, make friends and help us change the world.

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Our Campus

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