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World Water Day: Constructing Pond in Kadampura village

The residents of Kadampura village (Ajmer district) & field staff of Barefoot College Tilonia came together to start work on this water conservation project. Through the practice of Shramdaan (voluntary labour), they are taking collective action to secure their future.

This project will impact 5 villages in Ajmer district (Didwara, Kadampura, Khandaj, Bandarsindari, Pedi Bhata) and also result in the recharge of 25-30 wells & 15-20 hand pumps. Also, animals from the surrounding region will be able to access this water source.

The people of village Kadampura are very excited about this project and want their village to be an example under the Jal Shakti Abhiyan.

This water conservation project is generously supported by our funding partner Eureka Forbes.

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